• As of March 23, 2020 Anatomy Sports Medicine will move to an online course until further notice. 

    Students will be notified on the Google classroom page they were invited to join. Assignments, quizzes, and tests will be available on this site. Students were issued an Anatomy coloring book but many stated they do not have them in their possession. I will upload pictures and assignment for students to complete and share. I sincerely want students to learn the final quarter of Anatomy curriculum and will do everything possible to make learning advantageous. The first assignment will be shared on Google Classroom today. Please feel free to contact me through email with any questions or concerns.



    Anatomy & Physiology Fall 2019

    Instructor: Mrs. Koehler

    This course is targeted to Anatomy, Physiology, and Sports Medicine. Students taking this course must have a strong grasp of basic Biology. Students must have achieved an A or B in Biology to take this class. The students will learn and be able to apply knowledge of anatomy, physiology, prevention, care, and rehabilitation of sports injury. Students will gain an extensive vocabulary of medical terminology, knowledge of the skeleton and muscular systems, and will be expected to be able to apply this knowledge to everyday situations.

    Students will be given an Anatomy coloring book. They will be required to color many of the pages in it. Students will be required to participate in labs , complete assignments, and take tests and quizzes.

    Students will have the opportunity to participate in an field trips one of which will be a trip to the CSU/Denver Broncos training facilities. Students must be in good standings in all classes to attend these field trips.These field trips are optional.