• As of March 23, 2020 Chemistry will move to an online learning until further notice. Student will be given assignments on Google Classroom. If you have not joined yet please do so. Any student without internet access will have a hard copy available to them through the front office at HHS. Ms H, Dr Ogan, Dr Judy, and I are doing everything possible to continue the learning experience. Currently there are PPTs, guided notes, and home labs for students to complete on the web page. Students need to be diligent with completion and due dates. grades will be assigned on a timely manner. As Chemistry is a practical science the learning will be very appropriate.



    Chemistry is often called the “central science.” It is the study of atoms and molecules, their structure and function, how they react with and to each other. In this basic chemistry class we will study matter and energy. Chemistry is a practical science: it directly relates to the food you eat, medicines you need, the clothes you wear, fuel for your home and auto, and the environment. Chemistry answers life’s questions!

    Chemistry is very blessed to have Dr Ken Ogan as a science coach. Doc brings a vast knowledge of working Chemistry. He will help teach and organize Chemistry classroom and labs.

    In this class we will investigate the physical world around us. This will be a hands on participation class. We have a couple of field trips planned to link the classroom information with practical application in an industrial setting. Chemistry class curriculum will be aligned with the NGSS standards. 

    Science is fun and CHEMISTRY links all the sciences together!