• Mr. Naughton's Spectator Attendance Policy Video

    Posted by Clay Naughton on 1/26/2021
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  • 1st & Second Quarter Lead Dogs

    Posted by Clay Naughton on 1/20/2021

    I would like to recongize our "Lead Dogs" for the first and second quarter.  Each quarter, each teacher selects one Lead Dog!  The Lead Dog award is the highest individual student honor at HMS!


    Our first and second quarter winners:  

    Acey Elder, Anabelle Crider, Briza Flores, Calvin Wright, Carlos Estrada Banuelos, Cayden Jones, Christian Howells, Cooper Woodard, David Henson, Derek Garcia, Elijah Elder, Ella Morra, Eric Hernandez Trejo, Guillermo Baustista, Jack Larkin, Jayden Moellmer, Katherine Hitchcock, Kayla Avendano, Kimberly De La Cruz Segundo, Kimberly Sardina Castro, Kyla Peterson, Lacey Taylor, Leah Varra, Letissia Loma Benavente, Lincoln Peterson, Lizzy Baker, Logan Hackett, Madison O'Rand, McKayla Halley, Merik Plake, Michael Myslive, Patrick Riley, Peighton Todd, Rose Swanner, and Tyler Varra

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  • 3rd Quarter Award Winners

    Posted by Clay Naughton on 4/22/2020

    I am proud to announce our third quarter award winners:


    Perfect Attandance:

    Max Becker, Ivanna Bower, Kendall Chase, Carlos Estrada Banuelos, Lily Flanigan, Neridan Garcia Diaz, Braiden Hightower, Stephen Hightower, Colten Jackson, Jessie Mick, Zachary Myslive, Cole Nelson, Zachary Netik, Kevin Perez, Patrick Riley, and Rissa Weirich


    4.0 Honor Roll

    Ivanna Bower, Kendall Chase, Briza Flores, Stephen Hightower, Michael Kelley, Bella Laguna, Morgen Lindstrom, Letissia Loma, Brooke Machado, Emily Machado, Sawyer Morgan, Rayelle Navarro, Dante Palmer, Patrick Riley, Regan Ring, Adamary Rodriguez, Sadie Ross, Lizzy Sverak, Tyler Varra, Eilee Vichosky, and Cooper Woodard


    3.4-3.99 Honor Roll

    Shandi Bailey, Max Becker, Loraine Clark, Carson DePorter, Gabby DePriest, Mo DePriest, Claire Dockery, Shawn Dutton, Eli Elder, Carlos Estrada Banuelos, Keegan Flynn, Tess Fuentes, Neridan Garcia Diaz, Hannah Harper, Brandon Hicks, Braiden Hightower, Korbin Karns, Marissa Kelsey, Samuel Kennedy, Bryce Kothe, Naise Lukela, Dixie Mathern, Jessie Mick, Nia Miller, Ella Mora, Kayla Morales Borunda, Madison O’Rand, Jacob Olson, Jr. Orquiz, Angus Paterson, Lydia Pennington, Kaylee Peterson, Lincoln Peterson, Spur Porter, Isabel Ramirez Munoz, Jade Schroedl, Adam Smith, Elizabeth Sverak, Logan Sverak, Ty Vair-Grilley, Xochilt Villalobos, Kaiya Walkup, Rowdy Watson, and Rissa Weirich

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  • Moving Forward

    Posted by Clay Naughton on 3/22/2020

    Hello all-


    Tomorrow we begin this new and exciting world of school from home and online learning.  This is going to be an experience, but one I am excited about.  Please check the daily updates page regularly for answers to frequently asked questions as well as tips and suggestions.  We are in this together; let's do this!

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  • School Year Update

    Posted by Clay Naughton on 1/17/2020

    Dear Highland Families:


    I hope this finds you doing well.  I want to take a minute and update you on the state of the school year.  First, it has been a good school year to this point.  There is always room to grow, and we have identified some areas of emphasis for this growth, but all-in-all, I am pretty pleased.  This year we launched two major initiatives that I would like to update you on.


    We made a significant change this year in our cell phone policy.  Every teacher in this building will tell you this has been a success!  We’ve obviously had a few kids test us to see if we are serious about this policy, but overall the number of cell phone violations is down drastically.  More importantly, we haven’t had any major violations; the type where law enforcement must get involved.  I believe we’ve only had two repeat offenders this year.  I can’t tell you exactly how many we had last year, but it was far more than two.  Our kids have adjusted well; I am proud of them for that.  I’ve had a couple parents ask me why students aren’t allowed to keep their phones in their pocket as long as they aren’t on it in class.  The honest answer to this is that this is what we’ve tried in the past and it simply wasn’t working.  I catch myself at time checking something on my phone and I don’t even realize that I pulled it out of my pocket; I know this was happening with students too.  I heard kids say “I didn’t even realize I did it”, and I believe them, but it was still a distraction and taking attention away from learning opportunities.  Lastly and probably most importantly, is that when I am visiting classrooms, and looking in classrooms, I can promise you I am seeing a higher level of student engagement.


    The second significant initiative we implemented this year is our behavior management system for classroom disruption level discipline issues we call the “folder pull”.  Honestly, this one hasn’t been quite as smooth as the phone policy, but I am confident the good has exceeded the challenges and struggles.  The two main reasons I feel the positives outweigh the struggles are that kids have a much more structured system that is more consistent and predictable.  Kids know where they stand, and they know what happens if they commit future violations.  The second reason, and the one I feel is most important, is that we are communicating much more with parents.  I’ve had a couple parents comment to me that their child is behaving far worse this year than he or she did in the past.  With the exception of about three kids, this is not the case at all; we are just communicating with you much better than we did in the past.  In the past, it was very possible that you may not know about challenges or struggles until your child reached the point of a discipline referral.  Under this plan, you will have been notified at least twice before your child would receive a discipline referral for classroom disruption level violations.  This folder pull plan also allows us to collect and evaluate behavior data much more accurately.  I am please let you know that over 50% of our students had one or fewer folder pulls over the course of the first semester.  On the other end, we had nine students reach step four, and one student reach step five leading to a temporary alternative instructional placement.  This number is higher than I would like, but, after going through all the steps, I feel confident saying these students absolutely earned their more severe consequences.  I guess to sum up my thoughts on this endeavor, I feel this process has led to more parent communication and a more effective way to address disruptive behaviors that negatively affect other students ability to learn.  For that, I consider it a success.


    I have a couple other items I want to touch base with you about to conclude this communication.  First, parent-teacher conferences are coming up.  I strongly encourage you to come touch base with your child’s teachers.  I personally don’t think it matters if your child has straight As or he or she is struggling mightily, I think touching base with your child’s teachers is invaluable.  Even if it is for a couple minutes, I would love to see you stop by.  Personally, I learn a lot about kids and families at conferences; this helps me connect better with the child and do a better job.  I know I’m not unique in this situation; the same applies to all involved.  There are a lot of positives that come out of parent-teacher conferences and I hope to see you there.


    The final piece I want to touch on is to ask you reinforce a couple of our basic steps to success with your child routinely.  One message we have tried to communicate this year is “you be you”!  You be you is a message encouraging kids to spend their time and energy worrying about themselves, focusing on themselves, and not worrying about what others are doing or thinking.  I get that not worrying about what other think or do is much easier said than done, but boy, school is much more enjoyable for all when students practice this.  Please help us in communicating a consistent message of “you be you”!  The second step to success that I ask you to remind your child constantly is pretty straight forward; the message is just be kind. 


    On behalf of our staff here at Highland Middle School, I want to say we enjoy your kids and the opportunity to work with them.  The school experience is best for the child when we are on the same page; please don’t hesitate to reach out of us with questions or concerns.




    Clay Naughton


    Highland Middle School

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  • Friendly Reminder Series

    Posted by Clay Naughton on 1/7/2020

    Welcome back students!  Here is a link to the welcome back video Mr. Naughton shared with students today.  There is not much new information on this video; just a few friendly reminders that will go a long way in making it a great rest of the school year.




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  • Basketball Success

    Posted by Clay Naughton on 12/17/2019

    I want to give a shout out to our boys basetball teams.  I am pretty proud of what both the seventh and eighth grade teams accomplished.  Our eighth grade team finished the year with a 10-3 record.  Our seventh graders finished 13-0 and as league champions!  We are the smallest school in our league which makes this accomplishment even more impressive.  Nice work boys!  Thank you coaches!  Congrats and keep up the good work!  

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  • 1st Quarter Award Winners

    Posted by Clay Naughton on 11/11/2019

    Congratuations to our first quarter award winners:


    Perfect Attenance:  Max Becker, Ryland Cobb, Nicole Dill, Stephen Hightower, Michael Kelly, Jack Larkin, Kayla Morales Borunda, Zachary Myslive, Rayelle Navarro, Brogan Palmer, Patrick Riley, Jade Schroedl, Cody Watts, and Rissa Weirich


    Husky Honor Roll (3.4-3.99):  Mo Bautista, Max Becker, Johnathon Bingley, Kendall Chase, Ryland Cobb, Gilbert Columbos, Kimberly DeLa Cruz, Carson DePorter, Claire Dockery, Shawn Dutton, Eli Elder, Carlos Estrado, Brizza Flores, Keegan Flynn, Neridan Garcia, Trinity Gibbons, Patrick Harrison, Colten Jackson, Bryce Kothe, Bella Laguna, Letissa Loma, Dixie Mathern, Emma Montano, Ella Mora, Kayla Morales Borunda, Michael Myslive, Rayelle Navarro, Jacob Olson, Jr. Orquiz, Syla Pace, Brogan Palmer, Dante Palmer, Lydia Pennington, Kaylee Petersen, Lincoln Peterson, Isabel Ramirez, Patrick Riley, Evelin Rodriguez, Adamary Rodriguez Loma, Leonel Rojas Rincon, Jade Schroedl, Elizabeth Shepherd, Adam Smith, Shane Sverak, Rose Swanner, Raul Tena, Ty Vair-Grilley, Xochilt Villalobos, Kiani Ward, and Rissa Weirich


    Principal's Honor Roll (4.0 GPA):  Shandi Bailey, Gabby Bautista, Ivanna Bower, Tess Fuentes, Stephen Hightower, Michael Kelley, Morgen Lindstrom, Pelenaise Lukela Koniseti, Brooke Machado, Emily Machado, Nia Miller, Swyer Morgan, Jayla Oswald, Regan Ring, Sadie Ross, Aaron Shippy, Lizzy Sverak, Logan Sverak, Tyler Varra, Eilee Vichosky, and Cooper Woodard


    "Lead Dog" Award Winners:  Gabby Bautista, Max Becker, Kendall Chase, Trinity Gibbons,Donovan Juarez, Wyatt Lindell, Brooke Machado, Emily Machado, Calynn Nasitima, Lydia Pennington, Regan Ring, Adamary Rodriguez Loma, Sophia Tassitano, Donovan Terry, Tyler Varra, Xochilt Villalobos, and Cooper Woodard


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  • Snowballs.....

    Posted by Clay Naughton on 10/31/2019

    Snowballs, it's that time of year for snowballs.  At Highland Middle School, we have very little tollerance for snowballs.  In my eleven years, two of the worst injuries students have sustained are as a result of snowballs.  About four years ago, we had a student get a concussion from a snowball that hit him in the side of the head.  Shortly thereafter, we had a girl sustain a broken nose from being hit by a snowball.  We have communicated very clearly with our students on our daily announcements that throwing will earn you a quick trip to in-school suspension, no questions asked, and it doesn't matter who you are throwing it at.  Our goal is to keep your kids safe, please remind your child of why it is so important to us to be snowball free and also remind that the consequences are going to be pretty severe if this request is ignored.  Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.

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  • Friendly Reminder Series

    Posted by Clay Naughton on 9/13/2019

    Here is the message Mr. Naughton shared with the student body on September 13th.



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