• As of March 23, 2020 Anatomy II will charnge to an on line course until further notice. Students enrolled in the class will be notified of any and all assignments, quizzes, and tests through Google classroom. The first assignment is a research paper. The rubric expectations are listed in the announcement. This research paper is aligned with the EMT First Responder Course. The due date is March 30, 2020. The next assignment willl be an extensive vocabulary introduction and review, and completion of the ARC First aid videos and quizzes, I believe this on line learning will continue the objectives set forth for this course and the students will benifit greatly.


    Anatomy II is a science elective at Highland High School. The focus of this class is to dive into the systems of the human body, first aid, CPR, and AED training. Student who successfully complete this course will attain a certificate from the American Red Cross good for two years. This class is intended for juniors and senior with a strong grasp of science. It is a high ridor course.