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    Posted by Barb Culley on 5/15/2020 8:00:00 PM

    Hi students and families!

    We had a good turnout for "Esti-mysteries" earlier this week!  I loved the enthusiasm  -- it seemed like those who took part in it with me had a great time.  Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Flanigan are SO competitive -- who knew!?!?!  


    This morning, Mrs. Butler hosted - and I enjoyed joining in on an hour long zoom doing "Scattergories" -- such a great time! Lots of kids participated there as well!   I was so excited to see a couple of students that I've not been able to connect with since Spring Break!  


    If you're working on the last packet - awesome!  But, remember this last one does NOT need to be turned in!   


    We have placed all your personal belongings into plastic bags for each of you -- art boxes (some were a challenge for me because they don't have names on them -- a couple are still not claimed), notebooks from all three teachers, art work, a gift from Mrs. Moylett, report cards, medical information, supply lists for next year, all kinds of good stuff.  I even have a coat for one student on top of his bag of goodies!  IF yearbooks and spirit apparel are in, we will pass those out as well.


    Remember, you may drive through the parking lot next week on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday....whichever day is best for you.  (May 20, May 21, and May 22).   We are looking forward to seeing each of you!  


    You may come any of those 3 days that work best in your schedule, however if possible we'd like to try to keep the same rotation going -- so here are your times!   Last names beginning with:

    • A - H   9:00 - 10:30
    • I - Q    10:00 - 11:30
    • R - Z    11:00 - 1:00

    Pull through the parking lot, and as we see you coming, we will go grab your bag for you.  


    Also - and this is VERY IMPORTANT -- the Lost and Found items will be placed on tables out on the track area.  PLEASE come check out the lost and found to see if you can find any items that you might be missing.  Anything that is not picked up by Friday, May 22, will be donated.  


    If you still have any books -- library books, Battle of the Books books, or Bookmobile books, please remember to bring those with you that day and we will turn them in for you.  


    This is not at all what any of us hoped for the end of the school year.  I am so sad that we lost a quarter of in-person instruction with you.  Thankfully, we had zoom and telephones so that we could at least stay in touch!  Parents, I appreciate you so much.  You have been real troopers!!!  Thank you for all the schoolwork you've done with your children, and for helping us stay in touch with them! This has been an unreal 8 weeks; totally uncharted territory for all of us, so I just hope you've all taken good care of yourselves... and will continue to do that.  


    I'm looking forward to seeing you next week!!!   heart


    May 11, 2020


    I'll be doing 3 different zoom sessions tomorrow afternoon:  1:00, 2:00, and 3:00 -- all using the same code -- which is the same code all of my zooms have used.

    Join me on one of them!   


    We are going to do ESTI-MYSTERIES!!!


    May 2, 2020

    Welcome to May!   I’m really enjoying the chance to “see” many of you on zoom calls!  We are trying to think of new things to do while on zoom to make it more fun and engaging!  I did some screen sharing this week (thank you to my students who agreed to test it out with me using some “Splat Fractions”), and even did a little scavenger hunt with some kiddos!  I can try some Esti-mysteries with you on screen sharing, too!  


    Every week I learn more and more about technology and using it creatively to work with students.  I’ve learned a lot during this time - but I still have far to go!


    This coming week is the packet pick up/drop off day again -- Wednesday, May 6, from 9-1.   


    Last names beginning with A-H   drive through from 9:00 - 10:30

    Last names beginning with I-Q    drive through from 10:00 - 12:00

    Last names beginning with Q-Z   drive through from 11:30 - 1:00


    This time, we hope you’ll find more FUN in the packet!  By the way, please do NOT return your math books -- they are yours to keep!


    NEWS!   4/21/20


    Good morning to my awesome 4th graders and families,


    I have a few little news items that I need to share with you.  As always, if you have any questions about anything, anytime…. Send me a quick message that you need me and I’ll email, call, Remind, or zoom you right back!


    • Packet #3 Pick Up/ Packet #2 Drop Off is TOMORROW, April 22, from 9-1, same process as usual.


    • Please keep your math book!   Tear out the pages you’ve done and turn those in, not the whole book!  If you’ve done the “Practice and Homework” page from each (or any) lesson, you can just turn those in if that’s easier.  That will give me a good idea of how you’ve done with the lesson. But I’ll gladly take any pages you want me to see!!


    • Library books, Battle of the Books books, and Bookmobile books are due and can be brought with you tomorrow.  We will collect them and turn them in for you.
    • BIg Kahuna Fundraiser items that have not yet been picked up will be there for you!  Don’t forget to ask for those and someone will bring them to you!


    • There have been some questions about how much time students should be working each day on school work.  Ms. Moylett has given us the guideline of 1-3 hours (maximum) each day - total.  Specifically for math, I’ve given you the guideline of 30-45 minutes per day working on math activities, pages, fact practice, etc.  We most likely have given you more work than you can do in 1-3 hours each day, but we wanted you to have choices. If it is not all completed, we understand that.  Some of you have asked for more, and we are happy to provide additional work via email if you have printers available!


    Packet #3, which you’ll be getting tomorrow, will be mostly pages that I’ve copied for you.  I’ve also included 2 Math’s Mates - for old time’s sake! If you finish all of the copied pages, and all of the Math’s Mates problems, you may start working on pages in the book, or you can message me and I’ll email more work for you!  I also put a couple of puzzles in there just for fun…. NOT required, just fun.


    Let’s have a zoom meeting!  I love seeing your faces and hearing your voices!



    One quick addition to yesterday's update:


    The paper protractor I placed in this packet is causing lots of problems for kids and parents, and for that I am truly sorry.  I should have thought that through better.

    Please just do not try to measure with it.  There is a page with angles printed ON a protractor -- that page is enough, if you can do that one.  On the back of it, there are several angles that are to be measured. If you don't have a clear plastic protractor at home, please just SKIP that page!!   


    As I mentioned in the update below, you can try the "Math Playground" website - one game called "Rocket Angles" looks like a good one for protractor practice!  There may be others there, too!  Check it out!



    Happy Snowy Thursday, April 16!  

    • If you have Big Kahuna Fundraiser orders, they will be ready for pick up at the school this afternoon between 2:00 and 5:00.  It will be set up much like the packet pick up days.  You just drive through!  Someone will run into the cafeteria, grab your stuff, and run it back to you.  No need to park and get out of your car!
    • The next packets will be ready for pick up next Wednesday, April 22.  The one you are finishing now will be due and can be dropped off that day as well.  
    • Here's a cool game on math playground!  It's interactive - you use a protractor to measure angles with a rocket ship!    https://www.mathplayground.com/rocket_angles.html
    • It's easy to reach me!  I'm answering emails and Remind messages as soon as I can, and scheduling Zoom Meetings as often as possible!  I love seeing your faces, answering your questions, and just visiting with you!  I miss you guys so feel free to check in!
    • Stay healthy, safe, and warm this weekend!  


    Good morning! It's April 13,2020 - welcome to another week in distance learning!  

    Here are just a few thoughts as we start a new week...

    • My goal is to speak with as many of you as possible throughout the week.  I am missing you!
    • My ZOOM meetings are going really well!  If you haven't zoomed with me yet -- I'll be trying to schedule you soon!  It's a great way for me to answer questions!  I love being able to see your faces and get caught up on what's happening wth you!
      • SEND ME A REMIND MESSAGE OR AN EMAIL TO SCHEDULE YOUR ZOOM!  I just need an email address to send the invitation code to, and some times that are good for you to meet.  
      • Once you have that invitation email, just click on the code at the time of the meetng to join in!  Super easy!
    • Hopefully you've been finding pages to work on that are fun!  
      • My suggestion was to begin by reviewing a couple of pages from Chapter 10, then moving into Chapter 11.  This is all about angles, measuring them and adding them together.  I gave you practice sheets to support those lessons.  
      • If you prefer to go back and do some more work in Fractions, that's awesome!  Remember we hopped over Chapter 8?   You could do any of the pages in Chapter 8 - I'm sure you'll do fine there!
      • Chapter 10 is about shapes, and there are some fun activities about 'symmetry' that you might try! 
      • Chapter 13 is area and perimeter!  You've done that before!
      • You have a lot of freedom to choose where you'd like to work.  Most of what is in the book are concepts that you've seen before in Daily Math Practice sheets or Math's Mates. 
      • I am here to help you with whatever topic you feel you'd like to try.  
    • I can't wait to see you on ZOOM this week, or to talk with you by phone!


    A math problem for you to consider:


    Ms. Culley would like to Zoom Call with all of her 4th graders during the week.  She wants to have no more than 4 students on a call at a time to be sure everyone gets a chance to visit.  If she has 75 4th graders, how many zoom calls does she need to schedule each day?




    The big day is here!  Check your scheduled time to come by the school.

    Last Names beginning with:

    • A-H        9 - 10:30 am
    • I-Q        10:00 am - 12 pm
    • Q-Z       11:30 am - 1 pm

    1. At school, you will DROP OFF PACKET #1, and PICK UP PACKET #2
    2. Once you get your packet, you’ll see that I have suggested times that you might want to spend on different areas of math each day.
      • 10-15 minutes of math fact practice -- using good old paper or:
      • 10-15 minutes of math games or activities -- I have suggested several along the way -- scroll down to see some.  You can also do any of the ‘real life’ math activities from packet 1 such as estimating steps from one place to another, counting money, cooking, etc!
      • 10-15 minutes of pages -- You can do pages in the book, or pages that I have included in the packet, or any pages that you’ve found online that you’d like to do instead.  

               3.  In the book, begin with looking at these pages (in                      Chapter 10)  to refresh your memory!  

      • Read Page 550 -- it will help refresh your memory about the types of angles
      • Lesson 10.6 -- refresh your memory about Symmetry!  It might be fun to try some pages! 

               4.  Then, when you are ready, move into Chapter 11.                      Goals for this chapter are:

      • Learn how to measure an angle using a protractor (there’s one in the packet)
      • Understand that turns within a circle can be represented as fractions ( ¼, ½, ¾ )
      • Angles can be added together, and missing angles can be found by subtracting!

    I am always here -- please reach out to me by email or Remind.  If we need to talk by phone or “zoom”, we can arrange to do that, too!



    A couple more goodies for you this April 6th afternoon!

    Compliments of Mrs. Storebo - thank you for finding this for the kiddos who don't have dice sitting around the house, but want to play dice games!  


    and from me:



    Happy Monday!  

    Just a reminder that packets are due Wednesday.  Bring them to school when you come to pick up packet #2.  

    Packet #2 will include your math book with extra pages to support the lessons, IF you want or need them.  You'll have lots of choices in this packet.  I will share a new message each morning to hopefully give you some direction--- IF you need it.  

    Watch this page daily!

    In the meantime, I just set everyone up with a log in to a free resource called "I Know It."  It's not required, just another option if you're getting bored with the others you've tried.  

    Send me an email or Remind message for your log in.  





    Good Friday Morning to my fourth grade friends!

    I hope it was a great week of distance learning for everyone!  I've loved connecting with so many of you through email and Remind.  It gets a little lonely -- all of us isolated at home -- so I've had 3 "Zoom" meetings where several of us 'got together' by group video chats.  I thought that was a blast!  If you'd like to try it - message me and I'll see what I can schedule.  

    We put together the next packet yesterday, and they will be ready for pick up at the school on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8!  (See the schedule below)

    PLEASE watch this web page for an update about the packet as soon as you get yours.  I'll help you get you started!

    Have a great weekend!  Stay in touch - I'm always here if you have questions or neeed more to do!

    Click below for a Friday Fun Puzzle!

    Click here for a SHAPE PUZZLE!



    On Wednesday, April 8, we will have the 2nd round of the packet exhange.  

    On this day, during your time (see schedule below) you'll be able to drop off your completed packets and pick up the new one.  At this time you may also drop off library books, bookmobile books, and 'battle of the books' books.  

    LAST NAMES BEGIN WITH:           Time

             A - H                                9-10:30

              I - Q                            10:00 - 12:00

              Q - Z                            11:30 - 1:00


    Check the school webpage or the school facebook page for more details.  




    Some of you are looking for more math to do!  That makes me super happy!  Remember all the websites and games below -- but.....

    I thought I had included this in the packet, but it seems that I might not have.  Here is a Fraction and Decimal Choice Board!


    Fraction/Decimal Choice Board



    Hello!  I'm getting some feedback on the puzzle I posted on Friday with the ice cream bars!  I've moved all of that off my "Fourth Grade Math" page to this "New Ideas and Resources" page.

    Remember, order of operations -- we did this back before Thanksgiving!

    Moving from left to right in the equation, do ALL of the

    1)  multiplication

    2)  division

    3)  addition

    4)  subtraction

    ***IF there are parentheses in the equation, you would do the part inside the parentheses first!



    UPDATE 3.28.20


    Hi Everyone!  I just tried out another website for math fact practice.  It seems pretty basic, pretty safe. You can set up an account for your student using your email and run it completely on your own.  At this point, I will not set up a class page, but I would encourage you to check it out!    

    If your student is strong in basic math facts, if they become automatic in all operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), then all future math concepts will be so much easier to understand and master.  

    Give it a look?




    ALSO, here's a game that might be fun! 

    **You'll need a deck of cards - remove the face cards**

    The little girl who explains it, introduces it, is British!  Don't get too distracted by her accent - as lovely as it is! I love the way the game is leveled - if it becomes too easy for your student, add the twists she shows at the end!  Or make your own twist -- use a number different that 10, 20, etc. Try "Make 17" for example! Why not?!?


    Total of 10 Game



    For the weekend, try this!  Message me your answers!


    Challenge #1


    UPDATE 3.27.20  -- Try these 2 websites for math games!






    UPDATE 3.26.20 -- Try these 3 websites for math fact practice!



    (message me if you need your log in info)



    (look for Number Tumbler -- it's pretty fun -- great for math fact practice)



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