• On this page I will post some facts about physical activity along with some projects or challenges for you to try. 

    Physical activity provides us with many benefits. This is most obvious with development of our physical bodies, but being active also has many social and mental benefits that can contribute to our daily lives and academic performance.

    Many health professionals recommend that school age children (4-18) engage in 60 minutes of physical activity per day.


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  • Physical Activity Log or Journal Challenge

    Taking into account the 60 minutes recomended per day of physical activity, I challenge you to keep a daily log or journal of the kinds of physical activities you do and for how long. At the end of 7 days, add up your times and see how close you are to the recommended time. You can take or draw pictures of what you did, and with the help of a parent you can share these with me on my email.

  • Research and Report on the Benefits of Physical Activity

    This challenge is more book/web work, but hopefully you find it beneficial.

    Use some of the resources I have provided links to and try to find information on the specific benifits of physical activity. This can be general information on all physical activity, or if you´d like to look into the benefits of a specific activity you can try that. One example might be the benefits of cup stacking. 

    Feel free to share your findings with me through email.

  • Below I have given a pretty basic example for logging your physical activity.

    I have also provided you with some web links to sites that should give you plenty of information regarding the benifts of physcial activity.

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  • Monday- Rode bike 20, exercised 10, played catch 20

    Tuesday-Ran 10, trampoline 20, played tag 20

    Wednesday- Made up a dance with sister 30, played at park 30