• Course Description

    This course is designed for students who have achieved and will continue to achieve a high standard of excellence in mathematics.  Topics that will be covered in this class are: Unit 0 – Calc Prerequisites, Unit 1- Limits and Continuity, Unit 2- Differentiation: Definition and Fundamental Properties, Unit 3-Differentiation: Composite, Implicit, and Inverse Properties, Unit 4-Contextual Applications of Differentiation, Unit 5-Analytical Applications of Differentiation, Unit 6-Integration and Accumulation of Change, Unit 7-Differential Equations, Unit 8-Applications of Integration. 

    The goal is taking this course is to experience college level material.  Although students taking this course are preparing to take the AP Exam which will count for college credit, it is not a failure to not recieve credit.  Keep in mind, this is one of the more difficult courses taken at Highland, the process of making mistakes and learning from them will be encouraged throughout the year.