6th Grade Social Studies


       Sixth grade social studies is a world history and world geography class focusing on North America and South America.  As students travel in their studies from place to place and from century to century, they explore the aspects of each culture they encounter. These five aspects are (1) government, (2) language, (3) economy, (4) expression, and (5) religion.

         Assignments are generally completed in class, but may be taken home to be finished if needed. Some special projects require time spent beyond the school day in order to be completed.  There are occasional quizzes.  Tests are given at the end of end of each chapter, and the students are notified of test dates several days in advance to allow time to study.

         Quizzes and assignments count for 100 points each.  Tests are worth twice that.  All grades are calculated on a typical percentage scale, that is, 90-100% =A, 80-89%=B, etc.  Makeup work for an excused absence is given full credit.

         Grades may be viewed on Infinite Campus.  If you are absent, please go to Google Classroom where you will find your lesson and assignment.