• In music, we focus on three areas of study. 


    We create music! Any age group can create music, whether that means writing and composing, improvising, or arranging an already known song. Younger grades focus primarily on creation through body percussion, soundscapes, and stories, while older grades focus on the process of composing, improvising, or arranging to transfer on paper.


    We perfom music! All students are performers. Whether they are nervous or excited to step in the spotlight, every student will have opportunities to present their work to others either in class or in outside performances. Each grade level will also have 1 program a year to present to families and friends.


    We respond to music! All genres of music are welcome in the music classroom, and can help reflect our community, our culture, and the cultures around us. Understanding the history and importance of music used in special events, cultural activities, or even just used to listen to in the car can connect us to our history and allow us to understand ourselves and others on a deeper level. 


    In my music class, you can expect your child to learn music, and not even know they're doing it! Music is a creative endeavor that requires kids to be vulnerable- to demonstrate who they are as a person and who they want to be. That is why I will do my best to provide engaging and modern lessons that teach both a variety of instrumental and singing skills, as well as allow kids to create and let their imagination flow.