• Unit 1- American Beginnings to 1783: Three
      Worlds Collide, Colonization, and the War for
      Unit 2 - A New Nation 1781-1816: U.S.
      Constitution, Jeffersonian democracy, and the
      war of 1812
      Unit 3- Expansion and Reform 1812-1860:
      Nationalism and Sectionalism, Jacksonian
      democracy, Reform and Western Expansion
      Unit 4- Civil War and Reconstruction 1846-
      1877: Union in Crisis, the Civil War and
      Unit 5- Industrialization of the United States
      1865-1914: Industrialization, Immigration and
      Urbanization, The South and the West
      Transformed, Issues of the Gilded Age (Populist
      Movement etc) (Chapter 17 will be included in
      this unit)
      Unit 6- Emergence of the Modern United States
      1890-1920: The Progressive Era (end of 1 st
      Semester), An Emerging World Power and
      World War I and its effects
      Unit 7- Prosperity and Depression 1919-1941:
      The Twenties (Politics and the Roaring Life of
      the 1920’s), The Great Depression and the New
      Unit 8- World War II and Postwar America
      1931-1960: The Coming of War, WWII, The
      Cold War and 1950’s (Postwar Confidence and
      Unit 9- Challenges and Change 1945-1980:
      Civil Rights Movement, The Kennedy and The
      Johnson Years, The Vietnam War Era and An
      Era of Protest and Social Change, A Crisis in
      Confidence (Age of Limits: Nixon- Carter)
      Unit 10- Changing and Enduring Issues 1980-
      Today: The Conservation Resurgence and Into
      and New Century.