• Course Description:

    Study Skills is a class designed to assist students through the requirements of their mainstream classes.  Students will work on individual assignments given to them in other classes with the opportunity to ask questions and clarify information in a smaller group setting.  Students have time to read, do research, or work on homework/classwork assignments. 


    Course Objectives:

    • Complete classroom activities and/or projects in preparation for weekly assessments as well as standardized tests.
    • Bring materials needed for studying, organizing, and completing homework/classwork.
    • Utilize time in Study Skills wisely and maintain maximum time on task.


    Course Materials:

    • Regular education textbooks/workbooks
    • Regular education handouts/study guides/assignments
    • Binder/notebooks with subjects clearly identified
    • Calculators
    • Note Cards, study aids/materials needed for specific activities or projects
    • Assistive Technology devices as indicated on the students’ IEP