• Greetings, I am so excited to be teaching Political Science and American Government this year.

    Our class includes the following units of study!


    Course Description - Focuses on a survey of the discipline of political science, including political philosophy and
    ideology, democratic and non-democratic governments and processes, and international relations. Course is not
    repeatable for credit.
    Course Learning Outcomes – According to the Colorado Community College Common Course Database, upon
    completion of this course, the student/learner should be able to:
    1. Distinguish between traditional and behavioral approaches to the study of politics.
    2. Discuss general approaches to the study of politics such as political philosophy, political ideologies, and
    political systems.
    3. Analyze theories, actors, and practices of international relations.
    4. Examine comparative political systems.
    5. Discuss international political economy.
    Topical Outline – These topics will be covered in class, but not necessarily in this order:
    I. Scope of the discipline
    A. Subfields of political science
    B. History of the discipline
    II. Methodology
    A. Traditional and historical approaches
    B. Behavioral approach
    C. Political behavior
    III. International Relations
    A. Theories
    B. International law and organizations
    C. Conflict
    D. International political economy and globalization
    IV. Political Philosophy and Ideology
    A. Political theory
    B. Political ideologies: development and practice
    C. Power, legitimacy, and authority
    V. Comparative Politics
    A. Institutions and regimes
    B. Electoral process
    C. Political culture