• AP Biology 2022-23

    Biology is the study of life!! AP Biology is a college level course and students have the option to take a national test at the end of the school year for college science credits. It is a weighted course at Highland High School and students will earn additional credits for taking the class.( For example: if the student earns an A = 4 with AP it is a 4.4 towards their GPA)

     Students will need to keep up with the curriculum and be very flexible. One goal for this year is to go as paperless as possible. Power points, labs, and assignments will be through Google classroom and Google slides. Students will be required to maintain a notebook. 

    AP Biology will be conducted online through College Board and Google Classroom. All Assignments , quizzes, and tests will be available on Google Classroom class page. The AP Biology Final test will be available for students to take home online. To prepare for that test we will take a 90 min practice test through out the school year.. This practice tests will be a great preview for the actual AP Bio test in May.


    Instructor: Mrs. Koehler

    AP Biology is an inquiry based college level course. We will use the Principles of Life textbook. There is a companion site students my purchase but there is also a limited free site we will use. This course is for extremely motivated students with a strong grasp of basic Biology.  Students will be expected to master the content for both semesters.  This class will cover an extensive content area and students will be expected to complete assignments outside of the classroom. 

    Students will be given an opportunity to take the AP Biology assessment test towards the end of second semester of college credit. They must score a 3 or higher to get college credit. The AP classes will work a couple to concessions to raise money to cover some of the fee to take the test.

    The class will use google classroom for assignments and additional requirements. Please check this regularly for new assignments and due dates.


  • Hit the ground running!!!!

    Students enrolled in AP Biology were given a summer homework assignment. Completion of this will be for extra credit. There will be a comprehensive test over the content the first week of class.

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