• First Grade Math

    In my classroom, we work on math every day for an hour. That 60 minutes is made up of four rotations. We use a curriculum called GoMath, which is a math activity book that each student has their own copy of. This book is filled of vocabulary terms, reviews, games, and practice lessons. For each new lesson, there are three sections. The first section allows me to demonstrate the new targeted skill so students can see an example before attempting it on their own. The second section is one that we can do together whole group, so students can practice implementing the skill with my assisted support. Finally, the third section is a chance for students to work on the new skill independently. I begin each day demonstrting the new target with whole group instruction. After that, one rotation in our 60 minute period is a small group at my table where we can complete the second portion of the new lesson in our GoMath books. The next rotation is independent work where students finish the GoMath lesson on their own. Our third rotation is a brain boost where students can engage in math games and activities in a more relaxed and social setting. Finally, the fourth rotation is developing math skills using technology with appropriate apps on iPads.