• SpringBoard Pre-AP classes provide students a more challenging class, a faster pace, more in-depth classroom discussions, intensified vocabulary, an increased amount of required reading, the need for effective time management, and overall greater academic expectations on assignments. It is important that students recognize that Pre-AP classes require active participation in the class.

    Note-taking, involvement in class discussions, a willingness to ask questions, having supplies and textbooks in class, prompt attention to make-up work or test corrections, and completion of all assignments are critical to a student’s success. Maintaining good attendance and prioritizing homework and study time are expectations of the Pre-AP student. Over the course of the Pre-AP  7-8 program, students will read and analyze a wide range of texts in genres including poetry, novels, plays, biographies, nonfiction narratives, speeches, and films. Students will also learn to write in various forms including essays, personal narratives, argumentative texts such as editorials, and research papers.


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