Mrs. Peterson's Class Description

    Please read the following information to know what your students are doing in each subject area.


    Reading- Students start every day with the Every Child is a Reader program. This program is a great way to help the students learn in small groups that are based on their specific needs. These groups rotate around the room every fifteen minutes working in multiple areas of reading decoding skills and comprehension skills. These are the different rotations

         1. Directed (Mrs. Peterson)

         2. Independent (Alone at desk)

         3. Fluency (On your own reading)

         4. Brain Boost ( literacty games and technology center)

    Writing- We do writing every afternoon. The students participate in the Every Child is Writer program. This program works just like the reading program so the students will get help in their area of needs. The rotations work are similar to reading but work on different writing skills.

    1. Directed (with Mrs. Peterson)

    2. Independent (alone at desk)

    3. Brain Boost (literacy games and technology center)

    4. Seeing Red (grammar and spelling)​Reading- We being reading right after morning recess.


    Math- Students start math after first recess. The students start with Space​ship math. This is a math facts test that is three minutes long. The test range in difficulty from A to Z when they pass the students move to the next letter. The test are over addition, subtractions and mixed. After the test students work with the GO Math program. They will learn the lesson whole group and then switch to small group rotations for the remainder of math. The rotations are...

    1. Directed (interactive notebook with Mrs.Peterson)

    2. Independent (On your own sheet at their desks)

    3. Brain Boost (Moby Max- Technology center)

    4. STEM (Different hands on activites)

    S​ocial Studies/Science-  We will rotate between both subjects working with the state standards.


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