• Lang. Arts 6 - 1

    Instructor: Ms. Hensley

    The goal of Language Arts 6 will be a learning community that is focused on respect, responsibility, and personal growth.  The course is designed to allow students to read a variety of materials and write for a variety of purposes and audiences.

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Weekly Updates

  • October 12 - 22

    Students will continue to complete daily language review as their bellringer.  The DLR exercises include work in spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and all types of reading skills.

    In STUDYSYNC, students are reading A WRINKLE IN TIME, and are completing the "think" and "skill" questions practicing using textual evidence in their answers.  Also, citation will be practiced.  A first and second reading of the excerpt, along with learning new vocabulary will also be completed prior to answering the "think" and "skill focus" questions.  

    Students have been offered an opportunity to earn extra credit by writiing the "Patriot's Pen" essay on "What Patriotism Means to Me".  Rough draft essays are due on Thursday, October 22.  

    Students have Friday, the 16th, and Friday, the 23rd off from school.  Parent/teacher conferences are Wednesday and Thursday evenings, the 21st and 22nd.  

    Have an awesome two weeks, Huskies!  You rocked the first quarter!  Keep up the GREAT work!  :)

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  • This week, students will continue their work in daily language review.  The DLR includes exercises in spelling, punctuation, reading comprehension, and figurative language.  

    Students will begin work on A WRINKLE IN TIME in their STUDYSYNC textbook.  Lessons in vocabulary, "think" questions, and "skill focus" questions will be completed.  

    Also, we will continue our active reading of PERCY JACKSON, focusing on chapters 11-14.  A written response to the reading will be assigned.  

    Currently, students are able to earn extra credit by writing a "Patriot's Pen" essay on the them of "What is Patriotism to Me?.  Rough drafts of this essay are due on October 22.  Final copies will be due on October 28.  

    No school on Friday, October 16, and Friday, October 23.  Enjoy your long weekends, Huskies!

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  • October 5 - 9

    This week, students will continue bellringer work to begin each class.

    Also, students will work on their quote/connections to Percy Jackson.  An exemplar will be shown, so that students have a firm grasp of the expectation...several assignments that were turned in early were incomplete.  So, we will go over the expectations/reteach the skill.]

    This week, we will begin unit three in STUDYSYNC.  This unit focuses on the theme/unit question:  When should we stand up for others and ourselves?  The unit will begin with a blast assignment/writing, and the reading of an excerpt from A WRINKLE IN TIME.  

    We will be in the research center on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  

    Additionally, extra credit for writing a "Patriot's Pen" essay has been offered, with the pamphlet/expectations found as a link on my website.

    Sources of Strength has a lunch meeting on Wednesday, the 7th, and will be sponsoring a "hat day" on Friday, the 9th.  

    Students should  have their tie-dyed shirts back to school on Monday, the 5th, to add their second and/or third colors.

    Have an awesome week, Huskies!

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  • September 28 - October 2

    This week, students will continue their work in daily language review.  These exercises cover skills in spelling, mechanics, reading comprehension, and punctuation.

    Also this week, students will listen to the audio of "Aesop's Fables" in STUDYSYNC.  Vocabulary and morals/themes will be the main focus of this section.  Connotative and denotative meanings of new vocabulary words will be analyzed and written in the textbook.  Students will write an original fable (opportunities for extra credit are available by writing a second original fable) and then will create an "ABC" journal for their fable as well.  

    Chromebooks will be available on Wednesday to type the fables, and presentations of the fables will begin on  Thursday.

    Students should continue active reading of PERCY JACKSON, through chapter 10.  A daily grade for active reading notes and a "connection paragraph" will be given on Friday.  

    ***"Patriot's Pen" essays will be accepted for extra credit.  Pamphlets are available explaining the requirements; essays will be due October 28.  

    Sources of Strength members have a lunch meeting on Wednesday, the 30th.  

    Have a wonderful week, Huskies!  :)

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  • Special Announcement

    On Wednesday September 23, Commander Sloan from the Ault VFW, will make a presentation to our class regarding the "Patriot's Pen" essay contest.  Commander Sloan will explain this year's theme, and invite your class to participate in the contest.  He also will explain the "Wreaths Across America" project.  


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  • September 21 - 25

    This week, students will continue work in daily language review (DLR) as a bellringer.  Additionally, students will respond to and create an original "ABC" journal response after reading "To Achieve Your Dream Remember Your ABC's".  The original writing will be a response to their school year so far.

    Also, in STUDYSYNC, students will be actively reading "Aesop's Fables".  Students will be answering the "think" and "focus" questions using textual support.  Additionally, new vocabulary will be studied after reading the excerpts.  

    Students will continue their active reading of PERCY JACKSON, ending the week with a reading quiz that includes explaining connections to SELF, other TEXTS, and the WORLD.  The quiz will cover the novel through chapter eight.  

    Also this week, "Negative Confessions" - from the STUDYSYNC reading will be shared/presented.  

    Chromebooks will be available on Wednesday.

    Password Template handout will be completed.  

    Book orders are due on Tuesday.

    Sources of Strength advisory meeting on Friday, the 25th.

    Have an awesome week, Huskies!

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  • September 14 - 18

    This week, students will continue their daily language review exercises.

    In STUDYSYNC, students will be reading "The Book of the Dead".  In the "Negative Confession", new vocabulary will be the initial focus.  Students will create connotative and denotative definitions for the new vocabulary.  Next, students will brainstorm and create an original "negative confession" list, following the pattern of the story:  Hail (the greeting), name of the god, where the god lives, and the action that the newly deceased did not do...

    On Wednesday, when we have the Chromebooks, students will type their original "negative confessions" in final copy format.  

    In THE LIGHTNING THIEF, students should have actively read (using their class-created annotation guide) through chapter five.  This needs to be completed by Friday, September 18th.

    *Book order forms are due by Tuesday, September 22, 2020.  

    *Lunch meeting on Wednesday, the 16th, for Sources of Strength members.  

    Have an awesome week, Huskies!  :)

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  • September 7 - 11

    This week, students will continue their work in daily language review (DLR).  

    Students will practice signing into STUDYSYNC, and will learn the various components of a STUDYSYNC lesson.  Students will complete a "blast" and first/second read of a short story, learning how to "actively read" and annotate readings.  Also, "think" and "skill focus" questions will be worked on together, so that students have a clear understanding of all components and requirements of lessons in STUDYSYNC.  

    This week's story is "Hatshepsut:  His Majesty, Herself".

    Our main focus in this lesson will be "Wonder Woman" and the skill of informational text elements.

    Also this week, students will continue their active reading of THE LIGHTNING THIEF.  

    It's a short, but busy week, Huskies!  :)

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  • August 31 - September 4

    This week, students will be continuing their work on the daily language review.  DLR skills include spelling, reading comprehension, grammar and punctuation skill work, literary element questions, etc. 

    Students will be introduced to login information for STUDYSYNC, the language arts curriculum.  Also, students will receive their novel study book, THE LIGHTNING THIEF.  Additionally, students will design their annotation requirements for active reading.  Then, chapter one will be read and annotated.  

    Students will have access to chromebooks on Wednesday, and will use these for the introduction to STUDYSYNC...the blasts and background information for Unit Two.  

    It's a short week, Huskies.  Let's work hard!  

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  • Welcome Back!

    First, let me introduce our Google Classroom code.  Our code for LA 6-1 is i4omznw.


    This week, we will work on transitioning to the middle school, learn the expectations of our language arts class, and work on your "All About Me" project.  


    It is going to be a wonderful school year, Huskies!  :)

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