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Important information:

If you are out of district but would like your child to attend the Weld RE9 district, you will need to fill out an "Out of District" form located on the right (PC) or bottom (phone) before you fill out the application."

 New Families Residing in the Weld RE-9 School District 


K-12 Enrollment


Select the Correct Enrollment Year During This Process 

 Families with Existing Students at Weld RE-9 School District

Requires a Parent Portal Account

Add any new students to the district, including new siblings, in the "Student Section" of Online Registration 


Parent Portal



Contact the student's school to obtain a portal account or reset a portal password

School Contacts:

Highland Elementary School Office 970-834-2853

Highland Middle School Office          970-834-2820

Highland High School Office             970-834-2816

Highland District Office                      970-834-1345